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The Webius Design Philosophy

We believe in personal & professional service to achieve a personal and unique product.

Our goal is to create a web identity that you can trust, will target the right group and will really be you.

Our leading principles is the KISS principle (Keep It Simple & Smart). Simple and convincing designs are our goal, and we demonstrate it with the simplicity of our own website.

Furthermore, we believe that owning your website today is not a luxury but a necessity. In these days when business is lowing down one must “Publish or Perish”, and YOUR business can have the Webius advantage:

The Webius Design Advantage

Get Connected!

Webius Design is a dynamic company, constantly evolving, with an experienced team who will not only be coding your website, but will also get involved with the vision of your company and the needs of your customers.

We strive to give you the best of both worlds: original and inspiring aesthetic designs without compromising on functionality: practical and easy navigation.

The Webius Design Team

Webius Design is an emerging and prospering enterprise, which began, like all great things, by accident. The team is lead by M. Drukker, B.Sc. in electrical engineering from the prestigious Technion, Institute of Technology. She specialized in signal & image processing, communication, biological signals and systems and hardware design (chip, FPGA and board design).

Drukker has created professional websites for personal use, but did not intend on making a business of it. The results were so attractive and Drukker began receiving orders to develop others’. She still follows all projects closely, but she needed help, and created an invigorating team (something rare in these times of recession) with original design concepts, ready to serve you!

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