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WebiusDesign - Designing Your Website Inside Out

The inside of a Möbius strip is also the outside - and this is how we design at Webius: from the heart of your goal to the last detail of your interface with your customers.

Web + Use = Webius; we make your website useful or make use of the web for your own purposes.

The Webius Mission

Webius Design: website design featuring both functionality and design.

Creating aesthetic and functional websites to represent you. Our websites will make you and your business more accessible and easy to reach and will gain respect and reputation.

Today, more than ever, let your business stand out from your competition and provide your customers with a solid stable identity that they will be willing to trust and follow.

Get Connected!

Möbius strip (noun) ['mœbiəs]

Definition: a one-sided surface that is constructed from a rectangle by holding one end fixed, rotating the opposite end through 180 degrees, and joining it to the first end.

In other words: a simple, mathematically important, and wonderfully entertaining two-dimensional object, that has only one surface and one edge and is therefore of great interest in topology. If you follow the inside - it turns into the outside and returns to the inside again...

It was discovered independently by the German mathematicians August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann Benedict Listing in 1858.

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