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Our Services

Our services include designing your website from scratch, updating an existing one, or just providing you with one of the products needed on your journey of creating a complete web identity. Our team at Webius Design is friendly and our support uses basic terminology to allow flowing communication with our customers.

We pride ourselves with personal & professional service. Our enthusiastic Webius Team will be there to listen, give advice and support you throughout the process. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Web(ius) Design

From a simple design of a personal site or a small businesses to complex ones of large corporations - Webius Design offers them all in a range of web design packages starting at $299 (including hosting!). Our customable templates achieve that refined professional look that you require. Depending on the package you chose - sites may include online forms, guestbooks and blogs and support scripts. Webius also offers CMS website packages at affordable rates (beginning at $999).

Our designers provide either HTML or flash designs and also flash intros to your website.

Search Engine Optimization

At Webius, we design search engine friendly websites (examples of search engines are: Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc). We use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and promotion tools (for example: Google Ad-Words) to increase your ranking in search engines, and make sure that your customers can find you easily.

Domain Registration

Get your own web-address! Even if you are not ready build a site - you can already save (or .net .org or others) for later use before someone else takes it!

Web Hosting

Already own a domain but do not have a place to host it? Webius Design offers several affordable hosting solutions.

E-Commerce Solutions (Online Shop)

Own a business or opening a new one? Why not create an online shop and be accessible to millions of customers? It will also improve the reputation of your existing (offline) business. E-commerce websites range from very simple to very complex, depending on your needs, your products, your customers, etc.

Website Support, Maintenance & Update

Already own a website, but need to keep it updated? The website needs support and maintenance? You do not have the manpower to do it or the time (or neither)? Let us do that work for you! Just provide us with the data (text and images) - and in no time the information will be updated and online!

Technical Support / Web Training and Workshops

Want to feel more independent? Our friendly team will guide you through the World Wide Web and help you become more efficient in any computer related issues or skills.

Designing Logo / Business Card / Banner Design

You might also be interested in creating a new logo and business card to match your new online identity. Contact to inquire about rates.


Not sure what your business can afford at the moment? Contact Webius Design and we can prepare with you a road map for your online identity.

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